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12 February 2021

Profitable Relationships

When you think about making an online purchase the first thing that comes to mind is Amazon. Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1995 in a garage outside Seattle that started selling books, today we all know that it sells thousands […]
4 February 2021
ux ba innovation chart

UX & BA: Who they are, what they do, and how they add value to the product

To create digital products that will be finally adopted and used successfully, it is key for the team to have a clear understanding and focus in solving both the formal business needs with its technological limitations, as well as the […]
8 January 2021

Native vs Flutter vs React Native

Introduce In this article we are going to give an idea when choosing to develop natively (Android or iOS) or cross-platform (Flutter and React Native). We will cover the basics, advantages, disadvantages and a conclusion to help you to take […]
18 December 2020

Agile boards: A DIY Guide for newbies

Have you heard about SCRUM? To start speaking about team boards, first we need to get acquainted with agile frameworks like SCRUM. The purpose of these frameworks is to help teams work together, learn from experiences, self-organize tasks and at […]
27 November 2020

Microservices, and nothing else matters!

After reading My microservices hurt I felt so distressed that inspired me to write this. In my short experience I have worked with different architectural styles: desktop applications, web services, SOA and Microservices, cloud native apps and many things in […]
20 November 2020

DevOps – Out of the box

As part of development teams for more than 5 years, I have had to explain my role in that team more than once to my colleagues. In fact, there was a large part of history in which that answer was […]
3 November 2020

Top 3 Python Libraries for Data Science

Python is the most used programming language among data scientists. Data scientists need to deal with complex problems, and the problem-solving process basically involves four major steps – data collection and cleaning, data exploration, data modeling and data visualization. Python […]

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2 October 2020

Top 3 Deep Learning Frameworks for iOS

Introduction Artificial Intelligence has been a hot topic on recent years and there are strong reasons for that.  For starters, in the next decade around 40% of current job positions will be automated or replaced by artificial intelligence systems. Then […]
1 October 2020

Why EKS?

Living in the year 2020 we cannot deny that the demands and needs have changed in the development sector compared to past times (perhaps decades). Today there are projects, platforms, solutions, applications that often have the need to grow exponentially […]