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15 October 2021

The Interface Follows the Function

The COVID-19 pandemic took the world by surprise. Although we were technologically prepared to meet the challenge, it’s evident that the world economy, societies, and probably the mental health of many weren’t quite as prepared as we would have liked. […]
10 September 2021

Generating GitHub Releases from Azure DevOps

Introduction While working with version control systems, a common need is to identify a specific set of changes in our repository (what is usually called commit or check-in, depending on the tool) and give that set of changes a special […]
27 August 2021

Conceptual Modeling

Introduction To create a logical and physical relational data model, and a class design model, that is flexible and extensible enough to allow applications to evolve without major changes, we must start by modeling business. Specifically, modeling entities and their […]
13 August 2021

Planning zero-downtime deployments with Azure App Services and Azure DevOps

Introduction Every web application at some point of its life cycle has to be updated for some reason: it may be changes in business requirements, rebranding, bug fixes, adopting new versions of the libraries it depends on, etc. If all […]
23 July 2021

Database models in Azure

As it is widely known maintaining different types of on-premise infrastructure can be a tedious task and could need a fully dedicated resource that could increment costs and times for the IT department. It is due diligence to properly recognize […]
21 July 2021
Unit Testing

Testing: To unit or not to unit

It’s been almost 15 years since I started working as a developer. Twelve of those were spent writing unit tests and something I asked myself several times during those years is: “Are all these unit tests worth it?“ I’m willing […]
16 July 2021

Android Room: Persistence in local databases

Information is perhaps one of the most important resources for users of an application. It can be sensitive and contain the user’s private data. That’s why it’s important to properly manage an application’s data, so as to guarantee adequate integrity, […]

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2 October 2020

Top 3 Deep Learning Frameworks for iOS

Introduction Artificial Intelligence has been a hot topic on recent years and there are strong reasons for that.  For starters, in the next decade around 40% of current job positions will be automated or replaced by artificial intelligence systems. Then […]
1 October 2020

Why EKS?

Living in the year 2020 we cannot deny that the demands and needs have changed in the development sector compared to past times (perhaps decades). Today there are projects, platforms, solutions, applications that often have the need to grow exponentially […]