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nsights is a space to communicate and expose ourselves through exchanging knowledge and culture. We invite colleagues, clients and friends to contribute creating content and promoting a healthy exchange of opinions that allows people to connect. The spirit of this platform is based on freedom of expression subject to mutual respect, healthy exchange free of violence, hate speech, vulgar content, harassment and threats, copyright infringement, illegal activities and / or any content that violates Overactive's coexistence policies.

However, to maintain these values, we have to stop abuses that jeopardize our ability to provide this service and the freedom of expression it promotes. As a consequence, there are certain limits on the type of content that can be hosted. The limits we have defined comply with legal requirements and serve to improve the use of the platform. For this, an administrator, manager and moderator team is working in assistance and evaluations of content related matters.

This venture is the product and responsibility of Overactive's technology department and is supported by the collaboration of employees, clients, close friends and various industry leaders. All contributors must register and must accept and comply with these terms of use before posting or commenting. If you consider that an entry or post violates our policies, inform us through email insights@overactive.com .

Content limits

Our content policy is important to ensure that users have a positive experience and will be updated regularly. On the other hand, keep in mind that sometimes we make exceptions for artistic, formative, documentary or scientific criteria, or if it is another notable advantage for the public that we do not modify the contents.

Adult content: We do not allow content not suitable for minors, including images or videos with nudity or sexual activity. Incitement to hate: we do not tolerate content that incites hatred. We consider that this type of content is anyone that promotes or justifies violence, as well as anyone whose main objective is to incite hatred against individuals or groups of people due to their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, sex, age, nationality, ex-combatant status as a war or sexual orientation or identity or any other characteristic associated with systemic marginalization or discrimination.

Vulgar content: do not post images and / or comments without context with explicit vulgar content. This may lead to expulsions or sanctions from the platform

Violence: Morbid or violent content should not be published to generate scandal or sensationalism. If you publish graphic content in an informative, documentary, scientific or artistic context, it provides enough information so that users have a global view of the situation. In some cases, the content may be so violent or shocking that, regardless of the context provided, it is removed from our platforms. Lastly, do not encourage others to commit acts of violence.

Harassment and threats: do not harass or intimidate anyone. We can delete your content or permanently prohibit access to the site. Do not post threats of any kind towards another person or group of people or content that encourages your readers to take violent action or discrimination of any kind against other people or groups.

Copyright: we always follow clear notices of alleged breach of copyright. Also, you cannot post links to sites where your readers can download other people's content without the authorization of their owners. Include the necessary mentions in each article published to intellectual authors of citations or passages of publications and works of third parties.

Personal and confidential data: do not publish personal or confidential data of other people. Also, do not post or distribute images or videos without the necessary consent of the actors involved.

Impersonation and false information: do not use this blog with the intention of deceiving, confusing or disorienting users by impersonating the identity of a person or organization that you do not represent, or falsifying your property or main purpose. By this we do not mean that you cannot publish parodies or satires, or use pseudonyms or nicknames, simply that you should avoid content that may confuse readers regarding your real identity.

Illegal activities: don't use this platform for illegal activities or its promotion, or any activity that does not comply with the rules of coexistence of Overactive.

Goods and services: it is prohibited to sell and / or facilitate the sale of goods and services of any kind though the site.

Spam: You are not allowed to use the platform to drive traffic to other websites or for SEO purposes, or use content from other sources for profit or other personal gain.

Malicious software and viruses: It is strictly prohibited to generate pop-ups, that attempt to install software without the consent of the reader, or that affect readers in any other way with malicious code or scripts, advertising, backlinks, among other practices. .

Thank you for being part of this community and collaborating in making this blog a space for learning and exchange.

Sincerely, Insights Team.

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