16 May 2021

Basic Data Structures in Python: Internal details

There are many options available when implementing basic data structures, knowing at least some of them allows us to write better and more efficient code. In this article, we will cover some potentially unknown aspects of tuples, dictionaries, and lists. […]
3 November 2020

Top 3 Python Libraries for Data Science

Python is the most used programming language among data scientists. Data scientists need to deal with complex problems, and the problem-solving process basically involves four major steps – data collection and cleaning, data exploration, data modeling and data visualization. Python […]
17 April 2020

Data Leakage in Machine Learning

Introduction Data leakage (or leakage) happens when your training data contains information about the target, but similar data will not be available when the model is used for prediction. This leads to high performance on the training set (and possibly […]