8 January 2021

Native vs Flutter vs React Native

Introduce In this article we are going to give an idea when choosing to develop natively (Android or iOS) or cross-platform (Flutter and React Native). We will cover the basics, advantages, disadvantages and a conclusion to help you to take […]
16 October 2020

Advanced async programming with Kotlin Android Coroutines

Since the beginnings of mobile programming, developers have always had to be careful about resource optimization when processing multiple tasks in parallel but without blocking the main thread of our application. To make a small review of basic concepts, it […]
2 October 2020

Top 3 Deep Learning Frameworks for iOS

Introduction Artificial Intelligence has been a hot topic on recent years and there are strong reasons for that.  For starters, in the next decade around 40% of current job positions will be automated or replaced by artificial intelligence systems. Then […]
9 September 2020

Dependency Managers for iOS: a comparison of current alternatives

The need for a dependency manager Including third party libraries in your project (most of them widely available via generous open source licenses) not only will help your team to be more productive. It also provides better maintainability as the […]
27 July 2020

A new kind of mobile applications: Super Apps

Have you ever heard the term Super App? Have you ever wondered what a Super App is? What are they and, are they taking over the world of mobile applications? In this article, we are going to learn a little […]
12 June 2020

Android Data Binding

I started a little research about the antipatterns and bad practices around Databinding library; to my surprise, most of the developers agreed that the library is powerful but can be misused due to the official documentation. Databinding library has been […]