4 June 2021

Circuit Breaker: What to do when a service fails constantly?

As a project grows, it’s common that each service communicates with a variety of others. For example, a checkout process to reserve a hotel room might include the following steps: Verify availability of the resource we want to reserve Validate […]
16 May 2021

Basic Data Structures in Python: Internal details

There are many options available when implementing basic data structures, knowing at least some of them allows us to write better and more efficient code. In this article, we will cover some potentially unknown aspects of tuples, dictionaries, and lists. […]
14 May 2021

Any one of us could be GAFA’s next victim. So, what can we do?

The approaching shadows About a year ago I got the chance to speak at an event on digital transformation organized by Manetch in Santiago, Chile. Confidently, I spoke about the brilliance and achievements of our innovation in the digital content […]
7 May 2021

Port of Hamburg

Stories have the power both to help us reinforce our beliefs and to appreciate different points of view. The failure depicted in the story I’m about to tell you is quite graphic, and therefore it’s easier to understand what went […]
23 April 2021

Critical vulnerabilities exist in more than half of Docker Hub images

An analysis published by Prevasio revealed that more than half of the 4 million images in Docker contain at least one critical vulnerability. Published near the end of last year, the investigation revealed that only about 20 percent of the […]
16 April 2021

Keeping credentials secure with Azure DevOps

Introduction Every application needs to use different credentials and other sensitive information to access different resources such as Azure SQL databases, Azure Storage accounts, REST APIs, SFTP locations, etc. On top of that, there’s usually a set of credentials per […]
9 April 2021
AWS vs Azure

Cloud Providers comparison: AWS vs Azure

AWS vs Azure It has been known for some years now that a large number of companies with large infrastructures started migrating their on-premises services to the cloud, be it Azure or AWS (Amazon Web Services). In most cases, security […]
4 February 2021
ux ba innovation chart

UX & BA: Who they are, what they do, and how they add value to the product

To create digital products that will be finally adopted and used successfully, it is key for the team to have a clear understanding and focus in solving both the formal business needs with its technological limitations, as well as the […]
8 January 2021

Native vs Flutter vs React Native

Introduce In this article we are going to give an idea when choosing to develop natively (Android or iOS) or cross-platform (Flutter and React Native). We will cover the basics, advantages, disadvantages and a conclusion to help you to take […]