10 September 2020

Barking up the RIGHT tree: user stories basics

In Agile Software development, a user story is the artifact that specifies the software need to fulfill a very specific business goal or benefit. Some authors say (and I subscribe) that a user story is the promise to allow a […]
9 September 2020

Dependency Managers for iOS: a comparison of current alternatives

The need for a dependency manager Including third party libraries in your project (most of them widely available via generous open source licenses) not only will help your team to be more productive. It also provides better maintainability as the […]
27 July 2020

A new kind of mobile applications: Super Apps

Have you ever heard the term Super App? Have you ever wondered what a Super App is? What are they and, are they taking over the world of mobile applications? In this article, we are going to learn a little […]
24 July 2020

ADT with Typescript

The last days I found myself reliving my youth, and my days in college, playing with ADT (abstract data type) and coding. It was so fun that I wanted to share it with everyone.First time I saw a linked list […]
22 June 2020

All that developers wanted to know about testing but never dare to ask

Historically developers have this love-hate relationship with testers, not realizing that they are both on the same side, sometimes due to ignorance and possibly because they didn’t dare to ask some of the following questions that we will try to […]
12 June 2020

Android Data Binding

I started a little research about the antipatterns and bad practices around Databinding library; to my surprise, most of the developers agreed that the library is powerful but can be misused due to the official documentation. Databinding library has been […]
17 April 2020

Data Leakage in Machine Learning

Introduction Data leakage (or leakage) happens when your training data contains information about the target, but similar data will not be available when the model is used for prediction. This leads to high performance on the training set (and possibly […]
21 February 2020

Divan-proof productive retrospectives

In our industry, infected by all kinds of solutions that promise to solve almost anything, we have a perfect example of what “waste of time” means: the ceremony of retrospectives popularized by the use of Scrum. What a way to […]
21 January 2020

Pugh’s Matrix for the evaluation of alternatives

The Englishman Stuart Pugh (1929-1993) had the good will to create a matrix to help us make decisions in a practical way. Like a good mechanical engineer, the matrix is extremely simple to use, from its creation to the present. […]