27 August 2021

Conceptual Modeling

Introduction To create a logical and physical relational data model, and a class design model, that is flexible and extensible enough to allow applications to evolve without major changes, we must start by modeling business. Specifically, modeling entities and their […]
21 July 2021
Unit Testing

Testing: To unit or not to unit

It’s been almost 15 years since I started working as a developer. Twelve of those were spent writing unit tests and something I asked myself several times during those years is: “Are all these unit tests worth it?“ I’m willing […]
25 June 2021

Let me estimate that for you

How long would it take to run to the gas station nearest your house to buy bread, and return home? This question has an answer that we all know — likely 5-10 minutes. We know where to find what we’re […]
23 April 2021

Critical vulnerabilities exist in more than half of Docker Hub images

An analysis published by Prevasio revealed that more than half of the 4 million images in Docker contain at least one critical vulnerability. Published near the end of last year, the investigation revealed that only about 20 percent of the […]
18 December 2020

Agile boards: A DIY Guide for newbies

Have you heard about SCRUM? To start speaking about team boards, first we need to get acquainted with agile frameworks like SCRUM. The purpose of these frameworks is to help teams work together, learn from experiences, self-organize tasks and at […]
27 November 2020

Microservices, and nothing else matters!

After reading My microservices hurt I felt so distressed that inspired me to write this. In my short experience I have worked with different architectural styles: desktop applications, web services, SOA and Microservices, cloud native apps and many things in […]
9 October 2020

Inheritance and Composition in Python

Inheritance is a widely used technique in almost any project, but if it is not well applied it can lead to poor designed code with unnecessary coupling between classes.Composition usually offers more flexibility combining objects of other types.Learning the key […]
8 October 2020

Couchbase, (not) another NoSQL

NoSQL has grown a lot, and won spaces usually reserved for relational DBs. IoT, e-commerce, gaming among others demand speed and scalability, both among the strengths of most NoSQL databases. So the offer has grown too, MongoDB used to be […]
10 September 2020

Barking up the RIGHT tree: user stories basics

In Agile Software development, a user story is the artifact that specifies the software need to fulfill a very specific business goal or benefit. Some authors say (and I subscribe) that a user story is the promise to allow a […]